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Landing Page Template

All pages (except Terms and Privacy) use the Landing Page Template. Posts for this custom layout require a lot more manipulation than a WYSIWYG content editor can output. Therefore, this site utilizes the Flexible Content Field, a part of ACF.

The Hero Section

All hero sections are made up of a single, left-aligned column of text, where you can add a headline, copy, a CTA button and a background image.

The Flexible Content Section

If you would like to add more content to a landing page template, begin by choosing ‘Add Section’ and selecting from one of the five section options provided.

Single-Column Section

This section is very similar to the Hero Section but includes the option of aligning the text content to the left or right.

Multi-Column Section

In this section you have some flexibility to add an optional full width headline, chose from either a two or three column layout, and add the background design image.

Gallery Section

By selecting ‘Add to gallery’ you will be presented with the Media Library where you can select or upload all desired images for your post.

By default, gallery images display in 3-columns on mobile and in 5-columns on a desktop. This behaviour changes in the special case that 8 images are chosen–– in this case the images will appear in 2-columns on mobile and 4-columns on desktop.

Multi-Card Section

More cards can be adding by using the ‘Add Card’ button in the bottom right corner. Each card can contain its own label, copy, link and link image.

Quote Section

The Quote Section behaves similarly to the Multi-Card section but includes quote attribution properties for Name, Title and Company.