Ordering From Today's Menu
How often do you update your menu?
Everyday! We have partnered with some of the industry’s best local distributors to offer what we believe is the best online keg selection in Illinois! Our menu updates daily so that we can get the freshest seasonal and year-round brews on our menu. Order before 4:30pm CT and we’ll get your order to your door in two days (or next day for speedy delivery orders!).
What kind of products are available?
Our menu is constantly growing! We started with craft beer only, and now we have beer, wine, cider, and spirits from all over the globe! And for those who host events, we love bringing the beverages and even help organize a special event concept like a whiskey or wine tasting to make for an unforgettable experience!
Can I make special requests?
Of course! We can guarantee that we will do absolutely whatever is in our power to make you happy!
What is a keg, quarter, and sixtel?
A keg is a half-barrel (½ BBL), which contains 15.5 gallons, serves 165 12-oz beers, and weighs about 30 pounds when empty and 160 pounds when full of delicious craft beer. A quarter is a quarter-barrel (¼ BBL), which contains 7.75 gallons, serves 82 12-oz beers, and weighs about 22 pounds when empty and 87 pounds when full of delicious craft beer. A sixtel is a sixth-barrel (⅙ BBL), which contains 5.2 gallons, serves 55 12-oz beers, and weighs about 17 pounds when empty and 58 pounds when full of delicious craft beer.
What payments do you accept?
We accept any form of credit card and will receive payment online. If you’d rather we issue an invoice, we can do so! Please send us an email at support@craftydelivers.com and we’ll get you started!
Why is there no deposit?
Deposits are annoying and confuse expense reimbursements. With our keg swap, we won’t charge you a deposit, unless something happens: keg is missing, keg is damaged, or it’s been 60-days since your order. If you decide to stop ordering delicious beer from Crafty, we’ll have to charge a $30 retrieval charge to go pick-up your empty keg. If your keg is missing, we’ll have to charge you a $30 keg deposit charge. We hate doing that, but things happen.
What if I decide to stop ordering from Crafty?
Please, please, please give us another shot! We’ll grovel. However, we understand that sometimes people move on to other pastures. Please give us a call at (312) 340-0352, and we’ll schedule an empty keg retrieval with a $30 retrieval charge.
Will you take my old empty kegs?
Those kegs belong to somebody, and it’s likely not Crafty. Sorry but we can’t take them for you. We will however pickup our own empties with each Crafty delivery!
Stork holding a tray of beers
A Flying delivery stork with beer
What is your delivery turnaround time?
Place your order prior to 4:30pm CT and we guarantee we’ll be at your office in two business days, if you’d like. You can also schedule a delivery on any date in the future within two weeks of your order date. Our deliveries usually arrive from 9am to 4pm.

We have a variety of products that can be delivered next day. Those are denoted with the little red truck at the bottom of the product!
What if my delivery is late?
First, we are sorry! We work our butts off to give you the absolute best customer service, but things happen and sometimes they are out of our control. Call us at (312) 340-0352 and we’ll resolve this as soon as we can!
What if I need a keg today?
While we can’t guarantee anything, we’ve been known to make things happen. Please call us at (312) 340-0352 when you’re in these pickles and we’ll help problem solve with you!
Are you registered with our building?
We try to register our COI (Certificate of Insurance) promptly with every building, but some buildings have slower turnaround times on their registration processes. We always appreciate your tips and tricks on who to speak with so that we can register as fast as possible!
What if something is wrong with the beer?
Call us at (312) 340-0352 and we’ll resolve this as soon as we can! There’s nothing worse than bad beer that should be good beer! We are so sorry this happened! We would do just about anything to make you happy, but things happen and sometimes they are out of our control.
Crafty Care
What is Crafty Care?
Upkeep on a kegerator is a time-consuming matter. We’ll take care of that for you. Our Keg Doctors will come to your office to give your kegerator the well-needed cleaning and check-up it deserves. By law, restaurants and bars must clean their lines at least every two weeks; all kegerator lines should be cleaned regularly. Our check-ups include a full kegerator cleaning (the lines, grating, faucets - everything beer touches), a CO2 refill, and a temperature and pressure check or adjustment if needed. We’ll also replace the lines as needed.
How often do you recommend we have our Crafty Care check-ups?
It really depends on two factors: (1) the number of faucets per kegerator and (2) and the number of kegs consumed per month in each kegerator. Enter those figures onto our Crafty Care page and we’ll recommend a cadence.
How do I schedule a Crafty Care check-up?
Sign-up online and we'll reach out to you! We’ll find the right time and date that works for everyone. Going forward, we’ll try to keep you scheduled on the same day and time with the cadence you chose.
How long is a typical Kegerator check-up?
Our kegerator physicals usually take around 20-30 minutes.
Do I need to be with the Tap Technicians while they are performing their check-ups?
No need! Our Keg Doctors are professionals - you’re in good hands!
What if we experience a kegerator problem that can’t wait for the Keg Doctor’s next scheduled appointment?
Please call us at (312) 340-0352 and let us know! We’ll see if we can talk you through a quick DIY solve, and if not, we’ll send our Keg Doctors to you as soon as possible.
What about parts installation?
Crafty Care does not include parts installation outside of replacing the lines and hooking up the CO2. Any additional parts that you’d like installed can be priced and invoiced separately.
Can you install a full kegerator in our office?
We can and we will! Full kegerator installations usually take from an hour and a half to two hours.
A doctor stork ready to perform a kegerator physical This stork thinks he's a bunny rabbit