Snack smarter with budgeting tools

Know how much you have to spend. Get alerts before and after you hit caps and spot opportunities to save. Our platform monitors every snack and every cent, so you don’t have to.

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Get strategic about spending

Set your budget and stay up to date on your spend. Our budget management tool provides real-time tracking and notifies you when you’re approaching your limits and when you’ve gone past it, so you’re never left wondering if your next bite will break the bank.

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Create multiple budgets

The budget for your satellite office in Austin may look different than your headquarters in New York. We help you create multiple budgets to stay focused, equip individual teams with important information and assess consumption and spend data at a granular level.

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Increased transparency

See the destination of every dollar on your personal dashboard. Always maintain visibility into each budget and how you’re spending, so that you can report however needed. Gone are the days of scraping PDF invoices into excel. Now you can run reports across product categories and subcategories, and chart your spend by date, location, and program.

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