Budgeting tools for workplace teams

Imagine a world where you can create different budgets, payment profiles, and easily filter across all of your historical invoices. Our platform keeps every snack, beverage, and catering purchase organized, so you don’t have to.

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Simple spend reporting

You manage a lot, which means you’re also managing spend across a variety of budgets. From catering a leadership meeting in NYC, to organizing coffee options in LA, you’re consistently tracking multiple expenses. And, unfortunately, most vendors don’t make it easy for you.

With Crafty, allocating and tracking spend across budgets is simple. We help you stay organized and on top of every number, every time.

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Crafty dashboard budget report view
Crafty Dashboard view of Payment Profiles

Payment Profiles and POs

With Payment Profiles, we give you the ability to group, organize and process invoices by your desired locations or programs. Always assign the right PO number to the right budget, gain access to your billing cadences and payment terms, and pay with different payment methods.

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Visibility and reporting

Does your Chicago office have a different budget for coffee than other beverages? We’ll break it all out for you on your personal dashboard. Always maintain visibility into each budget and how you’re spending, so that you can report however needed.

Gone are the days of scraping PDF invoices into excel. Now you can run reports across product categories and subcategories, and chart your spend by date, location, and program.

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Crafty dashboard view of budget reporting