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Crafty provides the services and technology to manage your pantry, catering, cafes, and supplies across all of your offices and remote employees - all on one platform.

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One dashboard, one invoice, and one point of contact. If having bananas, cold brew, and paper towels in one delivery is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

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Remote work is the new norm, and we have a dynamic way to engage your remote team. Through Crafty Credits and fully customizable care packages, we’ll help you extend the in-office food & beverage experience to your team even when they’re working from home.

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Trusted by some of the world’s best companies, we can simplify your life so you can focus on being a superstar!

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Keep your program fresh

Let’s match new products to your evolving tastes. With thousands of products to choose from, our team recommends snacks your mouths will love.

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“Super responsive, always willing to work with us on our requests, and keeps us informed at all stages.”

Alex Boerner Workplace Experience Manager at

“Crafty always delivers more than expected. From customer service to market leading innovations, Crafty has truly been a game changer. This is as solid of a business partnership as I can ask for.”

Brett Fay Director of Workplace at Yelp

"The Crafty services have already made a positive impact in our office that is hard to miss. Attendance has doubled consistently on Wednesdays for lunch and we regularly hear our Executives and employees commenting on the new snacks and kitchen setup."

Sara Ciesiun Executive Assistant at Numerator

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