Elevate your office food and beverage program with enhanced services managed in one innovative, centralized platform.

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Create Workplace Culture Without the Chaos


Streamline your program management with 100% transparency.

With Crafty, you gain a cohesive food and beverage program with complete visibility into operations across all your locations. By offloading time-consuming food service responsibilities to Crafty’s team of experts, we’ll save you 35+ hours each week.

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Make data-driven decisions with the Crafty Platform.

Our industry-leading and proprietary F&B program management platform powers your workplace team with insights to meet your goals. You can order, spend and consume consciously across each office managed in one central platform.

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The crafty platform reporting tools for office snack delivery
employee engagement solutions with office food service

Craft a hospitality-driven workplace that is worth commuting for.

With Crafty’s hands-on program management, we partner with you to understand your needs and curate a product, equipment and service package that delivers an elevated office experience to fuel employee engagement, collaboration and retention inside your workplace.

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"Crafty is a true partner in solving workplace problems and providing the level of excellence that we want to deliver to our employees. If there's a problem, they'll quickly provide a solution."

Amanda Loudermilk

Sr. Workplace Experience Leader at Ferrara

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A top workplace crafting
top workplaces.

Our dynamic and innovative team alongside top local fulfillment partners use the power of the Crafty Platform to help leading companies scale quality employee experiences across the globe.

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Trusted by Top Workplaces Across the Globe

"We continue with Crafty because of their ability to extend our bandwidth. We see Crafty as an extra set of hands on our team and the platform is a godsend."

Miranda Myers Employee Experience Manager and EVP Americas Lead at Kin + Carta

"Crafty's platform and operational processes, such as the QC checks, are great, and we feel very confident in Crafty's ability to continue adapting to our changing needs in the future."

Amanda Loudermilk Sr. Workplace Experience Leader at Ferrara

“Crafty's platform is huge for me and my team. I get to watch our budget in real-time. I know we're on target. All I have to do is log onto the platform to see anything and everything that I would want.”

Dakota Blakely Head of Real Estate and Workplace Service at Nerdwallet

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