Position your values at the forefront of your office pantry experience and deliver a personalized program rich in variety and aligned with your sustainability goals.

Minimize waste across your office food service.

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Crafty's Sustainable Practices

Bevi water machine for the office

Sip efficiently with eco-friendly office kitchen equipment.

Crafty helps you invest in smarter and more efficient equipment to decrease the amount of waste your employees create. Save thousands of bottles and cans every year by switching to a premium water machine such as a Bevi for still and sparkling water or a keg for cold brew or kombucha.

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Keep your wrappers out of landfills with TerraCycle.

Achieve a higher level of sustainability by adding TerraCycle recycling boxes to your office pantry program. The innovative recycling company makes disposing of packaging waste a breeze. When your box is full, it’s shipped to TerraCycle where they turn it into park benches, construction supplies and other materials.

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TerraCycling recycling program for the office
Sustainable snacks for work

Prioritize sustainable office snack, drink and coffee brands.

Easily find sustainable brands within the Crafty Platform, whether you’re looking for existing alignments or finding new items for your lineup. Filters such as B-Corp showcase the brands verified by B Lab to meet high social and environmental performance standards. You can also filter by plant-based, vegan, dairy-free and more.

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Compostable office kitchen supplies are our default.

Make compostable supplies a staple across your offices to minimize your environmental impact. Our expert F&B team continues to opt for sustainable options. In the last year, we’ve seen a 68% increase in compostable supply units across Crafty clients.

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Compostable office kitchen supplies
Sustainable office snack delivery

Minimize waste before it happens.

Centralize your office pantry program with a single vendor to consolidate orders. Bulk ordering across your locations minimizes shipping and packaging waste. Use the Crafty Platform to automate orders and gain valuable insights into consumption so you stock only what you need.

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"Crafty has made a significant impact by providing compostable and recyclable supplies and signage to educate our people. They have helped us fold sustainability into our workplace in an approachable way."

Sara Rodriguez

Workplace Experience Specialist at Sprout Social

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Sustainable office pantry program at Sprout Social Chicago

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