Kitchen and Pantry


Streamline your office pantry program to provide an elevated employee experience without the admin headache. Our reliable team takes time-consuming tasks off your plate while you monitor operations, spend, and inventory inside the Crafty Platform.

Scale your office experience across the globe.


Your expert team to make your office pantry dreams a reality.

Crafty will take ordering, delivery, restocks, and inventory management off your plate. Our reliable team will execute on the ground, and we’ll inform you of any program statuses, updates, changes, or improvements while you can get a birds-eye-view in the Crafty Platform.

We’ll do the heavy lifting – literally! 

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Enhance your office experience.

Crafty has completely changed the office’s vibe. If you’re taking an hour-long train in and can’t even get a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, your experience will be tainted fast. Now that people are comfortable, they’re getting work done faster. They can get projects done in one day that used to take three, four, five weeks over Zoom.”

Miranda Myers, Employee Experience Manager, and EVP Americas Lead at Kin + Carta

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