Our Mission

Small moments, big impact

We spend so much of our lives working, and Crafty is fortunate enough to play a role in your experience. Our mission is to have a positive impact on everyone we work with: our clients, employees, partners, and community.

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It all started with beer, offices, and a belief that putting the two together would foster more fun at work.

December 2015 blue dots

Our very first delivery! ‘Twas a keg of Revolution Brewery’s Fistmas delivered in a tiny Nissan Versa. Don’t worry, we’ve upgraded to trucks.

January 2017 blue dots

We expand beyond alcohol to cover workplace pantry needs, including snacks, coffee, produce, dairy, beverages, and equipment.

October 2019 blue dots

Introducing the Crafty Dashboard. After years of developing our internal operating systems, we begin deploying a suite of client tools.

Our Mission

blue dots March 2020

COVID lays the smackdown, but we are resilient. We evolve our business model and test partner operations in new markets.

blue dots December 2021

Our best year yet. We grew revenue by 800% in 2021 and ended the year operating in 25 markets, 6 of which are international.

blue dots January 2050

Crafty Antarctica opens. Penguins need office snacks too. Popsicle sales skyrocket.

Hard-working and fun-loving

We want the people you spend the majority of your day with to be people you love working with. Our team is a collection of caring people with diverse backgrounds, personalities, and experiences.  We think we’re pretty great at finding special people, and we’ve been really lucky to have found the wonderful humans that make working at Crafty such a joy.

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We obsess over the client.

Our clients drive all that we do. With understanding and patience, we constantly seek to uncover their wants, needs, and preferences. Requests from our clients invigorate us. Each one is an opportunity for us to build upon our service, strengthen trust, and delight those we serve.