Our Mission

Enhance your life at work

We spend so much of our lives working, so we are obsessed with helping people enjoy their workplace experience.

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It all started with beer, offices, and a belief that putting the two together would foster more fun at work.

December 2015 blue dots

Our very first delivery! ‘Twas one keg of Revolution Brewery’s Fistmas delivered in a tiny Nissan Versa. Don’t worry, we’ve since upgraded to trucks.

May 2016 blue dots

Bring on the cold brew. It was really hot out that summer. Cold brew was a hot topic. We put it on tap.

January 2017 blue dots

Our Kitchen Program was born. Clients asked us to dabble in snacks. Challenge accepted. We start handling more than beer and coffee.

Our Mission

blue dots May 2017

B-A-N-A-N-A-S! We launched our produce program and delivered 9,000 bananas in the first month.

blue dots March 2018

Our Crafty family grows to 50 people. We are surrounded by the hardest working folks in showbiz!

blue dots January 2050

Crafty Antarctica opens. Penguins need office snacks too. Popsicle sales skyrocket.

Hard-working and fun-loving

What drives us? We want the place where you spend the majority of your day to be a place you love being. We create unforgettable experiences and provide a vibrant office culture that goes deeper than just 9-5.

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We obsess over the client.

Our clients drive all that we do. With understanding and patience, we constantly seek to uncover their wants, needs, and preferences. Requests from our clients invigorate us. Each one is an opportunity for us to build upon our service, strengthen trust, and delight those we serve.