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It's 8am on Monday, and your inbox already has a request from Finance for a budget update, an email from HR about a new hire with dietary needs, and a reminder to replace all plastic bottled drinks. Enter Crafty.

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Chop up your data

Product Spend By Category

Look across product categories and subcategories.

Spend Across Locations

Chart your spend by building, floor, and even kitchens.

Budget Management

Organize your spend across budgets and payment profiles.

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Our Technology

Task management

Our Task Tool delivers consistency and communication. We’ll standardize operations, and you’ll always see be able to see our work, no matter where you are.

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Inventory management

When taking inventory, you gotta be fast and accurate. The Inventory Center in our Operations App helps us manage your space while we are moving through it.

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Our Technology
Our Technology

Employee exploration

Give your employees the tools to navigate your food & beverage program. Whether perusing your product selection for a dietary restriction or upvoting a new product request, your employees will thank you for elevating their food & beverage experience.

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Billing & budget management

Close your eyes. Imagine a world where you can create different budgets, payment profiles, and easily filter across all of your historical invoices. Now open your eyes. Your finance team is smiling at you.

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