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Office snacks for your team, by your team

When it comes to using food and beverage to facilitate employee connection, we found a way to put your team in the driver’s seat with Explorer.

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Employee engagement the right way

We know you want to keep your teams excited and engaged with your on-site and remote food and beverage programs, but how does one manage the daily inquiries?

Enter: Explorer. Whether virtually browsing the products you have in stock, submitting a request or upvoting a new product entry, you can now keep your employees happy while alleviating your inbox.

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Crafty Explorer browse products view
Explorer employee snack products dashboard view

Browse virtually

With Explorer, your employees can now browse and discover the products available in your kitchen and pantry right from their desktop.

Gluten-free? Nut allergy? Vegan? No problem. Your team can now filter and find the foods that are safe to eat without having to read every label (or ask for your help).

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Save time fielding requests

Missing Alex in Accounting’s favorite chips? Or Sam in Sales’ favorite soda? Instead of spending hours juggling asks and trying to satisfy everyone, your employees can now easily submit product requests directly through Explorer. Giving you the time back for more important things.

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Crafty Explorer employee snack and food products request
Crafty Explore Upvote Feature

Upvote products

We believe in a snack-mocracy, not a snack-tatorship. As your products grow and change, employees can browse through a list of pre-approved products of your choosing and upvote the ones they’d like to see in your kitchen. Gamifying snacks is always a good idea.

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Make data-driven decisions

Never again be put in a situation where you have to single-handedly choose which employee product requests get ordered. Instead, let Explorer feed you with the data necessary to make informed decisions based on what’s the most popular, desired, and consumed. One centralized view to help you make the best ordering decisions.

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