Inventory management, automated

Remove the guesswork from managing your office snack and beverage inventory. Never over-order, under-order, or run out of the good stuff again.

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With today’s hybrid workforce coming in and out of the office, we know it can be tough to manage your food and beverage program. How many employees are coming in across locations? How much should you order? What is left in stock? 

With Crafty, you no longer have to second guess. Our best-in-class inventory management technology ensures every one of your kitchens and pantries stays fresh and stocked to perfection.

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Crafty inventory management app view
Crafty Inventor Center dashboard view

Meet your Inventory Center

Say goodbye to taking your inventory manually. When you work with Crafty, you’ll gain access to a unique digital inventory center tailored to each kitchen space you manage. Virtually track consumption, availability, and ordering of products in one centralized location.

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Automate ordering

Never again worry about having to place sporadic one-off orders. After we help you choose and order the best products for your team, our inventory technology will set a reorder threshold that will react to the ebbs and flows of employee consumption across your locations.

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Crafty inventory management dashboard showing automated ordering
Crafty dashboard inventory management showing threshold order automation

Ensure accuracy

How does it work? As your on-site Field Operator takes inventory within the Crafty app, any products that are below the programmed threshold will automatically trigger a reorder. We call it the Goldilocks principle, because your inventory stays right at the sweet spot.

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Get ahead of substitutions

What happens if one of your products is out of stock?

We’ve developed a feature called Product Chaining. If your usual product isn’t available, another pre-approved substitute will be ordered to take its place until it’s back in stock.

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Crafty dashboard showing Product Chaining feature for product substitutions