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Visibility of every shelf, across every office

Seeing what’s in your office kitchen and pantry just became much easier. Find out what products are available from wherever you are, without breaking a sweat.

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Every product at your fingertips

Gone are the days of having to sift through your kitchen shelves or old invoices to know what’s been ordered and in stock. With the My Products section of our platform, you can stay seated and comfortable while finding exactly what you need no matter where you are. Seriously, you can check from Mars…if there’s good WiFi.

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Crafty products dashboard
Crafty dashboard find and filter feature for product details and description

Find and filter

Use My Products filtering to search and find what products you’re offering right now across a variety of criteria.

Gluten-free? Vegan? Keto? Filter by dietary restrictions and allergies to know what items are safe to eat. Looking for BIPOC-, LatinX-, or women-owned brands (to name a few)? Sort by a variety of brand collections committed to supporting diversity and inclusion.

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Gain confidence

How many vegan options are you offering in your Dublin office? Is your CEO’s favorite snack in stock? Do you have enough beverages available for an upcoming on-site? No matter how big or small, you’ll always have an accurate view of what products are available, when they were last delivered, and what your reorder thresholds are set at with just a couple of clicks.

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Crafty My Products Dashboard view
Crafty My products dashboard showing product categories and product sets

Stay organized

With Crafty, you no longer have to worry about manually categorizing and monitoring your product sets. The My Products section of your dashboard keeps everything organized and searchable by product characteristics across every one of your locations.

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Share with your team

But wait – there’s more! Since there’s no charge per user, and sharing logins are a pain, anyone on the team can gain the same visibility, anytime from anywhere.

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Crafty dashboard share with your team